01 / Animation of re-enacted manual tasks alongside 5000times. 


DAE / 2016

5000times materialises an investigation into invisible forms of labour within the production of ICT devices (smartphones, tablets, laptops). Each stack materialises the manual work of one person in one day located within the manufacture of ICT devices. The stacks capture how often one task will be performed in one day by one person. This quantity becomes visible by layering the added material, which usually is spread in thousands of devices.
Within the animation of 5000times, Mager compiles an incomplete list of these manual tasks. This data and the calculation of repetitions in one day are based on a video-analysis of footages showing factory tours through ICT manufacturing sites.

The invisibility and secrecy around physical labour within the ICT sector sits in contrast to the mass-visibility of ICT products within modern societies. Their role in supplying comfort and advantages to the consumer-end is in opposition to the lack of agency and the discomfort that is maintained within the contexts of their production. This paradox of of modern communication devices, is the motivation for 5000times.

Exhibited as part of The making of at Klokgebouw, Dutch Design Week, Eindhoven, NL, 2016.
Presented and co-published academic paper for Decolonising Design symposium Intersectional Perspectives on Design, Politics and Power in Malmö, SE, 2016.
Presented at Design Indaba festival, Cape Town, ZA, 2017.
Exhibited at Corda Campus, Hasselt, NL, 2017.
Presented at The Weathers They Live In at PuntWG, Amsterdam, NL, 2017.
Exhibited within Humans Need Not Apply at Science Gallery Dublin, IRL, 2017.
Performance at Eleutheria: A Queer European Film & Arts Festival within Pride Stockholm, SE, 2017.
Exhibited at Beyond Generations at the Van Abbemuseum, Eindhoven, NL, 2017.
Exhibited at Łódź Design Festival , Łódź, PL, 2018.
Exhibited at Uncanny at the Design Museum Holon, Holon, ISR, 2018.
Exhibited at TodaysArt Festival in The Hague, NL, 2018.
Exhibited within Hope at Kazerne Eindhoven, NL, 2019.
Exhibited at Tactical Tech’s Glassroom SF in San Francisco, U.S., 2019.
Exhibited within State of Extremes at the Design Museum Holon, ISR, 2019.
Exhibited at Tactical Tech’s The Glassroom - Netherlands in Amsterdam and Leeuwarden, NL, 2021. 

02 / Four sculptures materialising each the manual work of one person in one day for the assembly of ICT devices: 2160times Solder drops (solder pieces together) , 3927times Kapton tape (place onto inner component), 2541times Foils (screen protection), 3600times Selfies (image quality check).

03 / Video overlay showing the stark contrast between Apple media content and journalistic documentation of the same situation. The front middle video is an official Apple "Making Of" video for the iPhone 5s, while the background video is an ABC News documentation of a factory producing the same and more Apple devices. Apple's depiction of a singular shiny and sleek device – being only touched by machinery – is contrasted with the reality of people that interact with one device along its making. "325 hands interact with one iPad along its assembly" from ABC News.

04 / In a disassembly of an old MacBook Pro a total of 54 yellow Kapton tape strips where found inside. These strips indicated a manual task as all strips show a Zig-zag cutting edge, have irregular size and are irregularly placed within the MacBook Pro.