02 / Stills from the video of Containervoid


CPCP / 2017
As part of pilot programme Chokepoints & Checkpoints

The expansion of the free markets and the subsequent opening of national borders for economic activities happened simultaneously to the UN Climate Change Summit of 1992. This summit defined, that states will be responsible solely for the emissions created within their national borders.

The shipping industry grew exponentially in the years after the climate summit, roughly by 400% (s. Naomie Klein, Rose George). Still no one country or organisation is responsible for the emissions that are being produced at the high seas. The shipping fleet of the Danish company Maersk uses more fuel annually than Denmark itself. If the shipping industry would be a country it would emit more than Germany. Starting in 2018, all larger ships using EU ports will have to report their annual emissions as a first step and consideration of reducing the greenhouse gases emitted at sea. An ice-free arctic might become one accidental monument of neoliberal mechanics.

The video-work and montage Containervoid is a fact based phantasmagoria compiled of research fragments. It is motivated to look at loops and causes around shipping, populating the sea and economic zones with containers, the architecture surrounding these movements and the logistics holding it together.

02 / Animated container graphic alongside video. 

03 / Animated container graphic alongside video.