01 / Exhibition of the interactive work at Tetem Kunst in Enschede, NL.

Collective Gait

Hackers & Designers / 2020
As part of BodyBuilding. Inefficient Tool Building for Quantified Beings 

Collective Gait is an interactive, process oriented work, which uses the application of gait recognition as a starting point to unfold the complexity behind human motion capture technologies. 

In collaboration with programmers, the work started with constructing a DIY motion capture tool, using IMU sensor technology, to explore and unfold the threshhold decisions, assumptions and generalisations that take place in the coding of recognition technology including the field of human motion sciences and gait recognition. 

The final installation visualises an abstract live ‘gait-print’ of each person using the tool, representing the very raw data input captured by the sensors before having been processed and interpreted into personality traits and identifying characteristics. 

During a workshops, Collective Gait was tested and discussed with participants and experts in the field of Human Motion science. 

Co-programming by Christina Karpodini, Sami Sabik and Ankita Anand.  
Human Motion Science expertise and advise Dr. John F. Stins, Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam. 
In collaboration with Hackers & Designers, Amsterdam, NL, 2019.
Commissioned by Tetem Kunst, Enschede, NL, 2019.
Workshop on gait recognition and the tool in development at Hackers & Designers Studio, NDSM, Amsterdam, NL, 2020. 
Exhibited at BodyBuilding: A Platform in Transition, curated by Hackers & Designers, Tetem Kunst, Enschede, NL, 2020. 

02 / Still of the live motion capture print. 

03 / Full sensor unit.