01 / The video work of Sketch 0.1 compiles visual and noise fragments from a research engagement in Shenzhen. The research focused on the dynamic role of Shenzhen in the global electronics manufacturing industries in encountering key nodes of its urban-industrial landscape. The video was first displayed along side a live performance in collaboration with artists 小蕾 Xiao Lei and 廖雯 Liao Wen at 33SPACE, Shenzhen, China. Sounds from conveyer belts, robotics movements and specific noises within the local electronic markets were mixed with noise interpretations of the Shenzhen sound-artist Xiao Lei in a collaborative live performance at the exhibition’s opening, together with string puppet performer Liao Wen.

Cycles: Sketch 0.1

33Space / 2018

as part of Cycles            

02 / Stills from the above film of Cycles: sketch 0.1, following shipping containers within the dense urban-industrial landscapes of Shenzhen from ports, factories to local markets.

Cycles: Sketch 0.1 documents a first engagement and embodied design research into the urban industrial context of Shenzhen (CN) as centre for global electronics manufacturing. Electronic devices – like most designed mass-produced goods – pass through complex trade networks, from raw unprocessed minerals, over supply networks to possibly end as burnt ashes hoovering across landfills. Geopolitical interdependencies, sociocultural and environmental dynamics are transformed through these complex trade networks inherent to modern material culture. In exchange with local communities and experts in Shenzhen these dynamics of modern material culture were dissected from divers perspectives.

Cycles: Sketch 0.1 was enabled through a residency in 2018 at the art space 33SPACE located in the industrial city Tongfuyu in Shenzhen. Workshops, site visitations, interviews and collaborative happenings allowed to perceive the fragile yet complex relationships between a global manufacturing and logistics hub – the city of Shenzhen – and the intimate social experiences within. Participants of the workshops contributed to the discussions from their positions as locally practicing designers, lawyers, film makers, financiers, engineers, professionals in marketing and communication, sociologists and further disciplines.

03 / Workshops hosted during the residency stay at 33SPACE in Shenzhen.

The exhibition of sketch 0.1 at 33SPACE was launched in a collaborative live-performance with the Shenzhen based sound artist 小蕾 Xiao Lei and string puppet performer and artist 廖雯 Liao Wen. The title sketch refers to the unfinished state of the work at the time of its first exhibition in Shenzhen. Raw research data was showcased in a first intuitive installation, open for direct responses and questioning by the audience.

This work is part of Cycles, an ongoing design research into the social, economic and geopolitical forces that shape the circulation of global commodities – the smartphone being its case study object.

Supported by The Creative Industries Fund NL, 2018.
Residency at 33SPACE, Shenzhen, CN, Oct. 2018
Residency at the Inside-Out Art Museum Beijing, CN, Dec. 2018.
Workshop On Design at 33SPACE, Shenzhen, CN, 2018.
Workshop Tong-Fu-Yu at 33SPACE, Shenzhen, CN, 2018.
Lecture Backend Narratives at Houde International Academy, Shenzhen, CN, 2018.
Exhibition and performance Sketch 0.1 with 小蕾 Xiao Lei and 廖雯 Liao Wen at 33SPACE Shenzhen, CN, 2018.
Presentation What's the matter at Cache Space, 798 Art District, Beijing, CN, 2018.
Talk Design Research Practice at Inside Out Art Museum Beijing, CN, 2018.

04 / Exhibition opening performance in collaboration with sound artist 小蕾 Xiao Lei and string-puppet performer 廖雯 Liao Wen for sketch 0.1 at 33SPACE, Shenzhen. 

05 / Posters of the public programme at 33SPACE in Shenzhen.